Advansys RecollX for Skype includes the features listed below.  Additional information can be found on the Search, Archive and Manage pages.


RecollX main window



    • Powerful, easy to use high-speed search.
    • Search all Skype history at once, including all personal and group IM conversations.
    • Browse Skype history archive.
    • Access conversation history for deleted contacts.
    • Click to view IM search result in the conversation context.
    • Integrated hash (#) tag support.
    • Supports “Find all words” and “Find any word” search queries.
    • Limit search scope by date range, personal or group conversation, contact, or Skype item type, such as Call, Files sent and received and Voice messages, or any combination of the above.
    • Switch easily between multiple RecollX archives.
    • Remembers the search text entered for the last 10 searches.
    • Advanced detail view option.
    • Advanced search query support.

Skype Integration

    • Easily view and set Skype online status and mood message.
    • Create and use Skype status favorites.
    • Option to change status automatically when on a Skype call.
    • Compose and send a new Skype IM from RecollX.
    • Click to open the original conversation in Skype.


    • Creates and updates an archive copy of your complete Skype history.
    • Updates an archive with any IM edits made since the last update.
    • Create archives for multiple Skype accounts.
    • Archive support for:
      • full text and transaction detail for Skype instant messages (IM) and SMS messages;
      • instant message history for deleted contacts (contacts removed from your contacts list);
      • transaction detail for Skype Calls*, Files sent and received*, Voice messages*; and
      • Skype contacts.

Export & Reporting

    • Copy search results to the Windows clipboard.
    • Export search results to CSV.
    • Call reporting to HTML or CSV.
    • Full chat export to HTML or CSV.


    • Integrated Web based Help Center.
    • Many configuration options.
    • Integrated logging.

* Call audio, file content and voice message audio are not archived.