I use your program all of the time for my business and personal communications.  It has been extremely valuable.  Thanks for all the hard work!


I cannot imagine a more complete or well-developed Skype interface. RecollX does it all: chat archiving, search, and cataloging for one-on-one and group chats with tabbed reading options; call reports that I can customize and export, status options Skype does not offer. RecollX runs silently in the background; not having to think about it brings peace of mind. I highly recommend RecollX to anyone who needs to mine their chats and call history.


As a long time user of Skype, both as a personal and business tool, I have become accustomed to having protracted conversations with friends and colleagues.  During these conversations, occasionally, pertinent information is discussed and shared.  I have had a number of occasions to go back to some of these statements to remember information and have always had to rummage about in the Skype client for the right conversation or group conversation to find the information I require.  Well that misery ended the day I got RecollX – like a bolt of light in the darkness of my infocrawl.  It offers me a single interface to find the information I need, whether its a phone number, email address, comment or a promise RecollX discovers it all.  What’s also great is, this is just using it out of the box, I have not even looked at the advanced features.  Many thanks Advansys, steak dinner is on me!