Manage your archives

The Home view offers quick access to archive selection, operations such as archive create, update and backup, and context sensitive usage guidelines.  This view is always accessible.


The Home view offers centralized archive management and usage guidelines


History at a glance

RecollX Browse view offers quick access to key aspects of your Skype history, with a focus on instant message chats. View all your personal and group chats at a glance and, for faster access, optionally add one or more to the favorites section. The search capability is enhanced by Browse view, where selecting one or more chats will restrict a search to only those chats. The Cabinet stores other Skype history, such as Contacts, Calls, Files sent and received and Voice message records*.


The Browse view offers an overview of your Skype history


Fresh online presence

Skype offers powerful collaboration features and online presence is key: Skype broadcasts your status and mood message to your Skype contacts.  RecollX brings your online status and mood message to center stage, enabling you to easily see and change your online status and mood message.  A custom status feature allows you to save commonly used online status and mood message combinations, such as Out to lunch (Away). Your contacts will be better informed and you save time by selecting your custom status from a quick access menu.  Recollx also offers automatic online status and mood message updates when you start a Skype call and will revert to the previous settings when you hang-up.


Create and manage predefined Skype status entries quickly and easily



Skype client integrations include the capabilities to send an IM and to open the original Skype chat from within RecollX.  Future integrations will enable users to do more with Skype from within RecollX.


* RecollX archives textual information only.  Call audio, video, file transfer content and voice message audio are not archived.