Maximizing ‘Findability

With high-speed search functionality at its very heart, Advansys RecollX maximizes the findability of valuable knowledge buried deep in your Skype history.  RecollX gives you the power to browse and search across your entire Skype history within an instant, including all your instant message (IM) chats, SMSs, file transfers, calls and contacts. Integrated hash tag search takes full advantage of tagged Skype IMs, further enhancing the findability of key ideas and information.

Don’t remember which chat?

Have you ever needed to find a particular message and forgotten in which chat it is written?  With RecollX, you no longer need to remember!  Simply type the word or words you need to find and search all your chats.  This capability is highly valuable for busy professionals who participate in a large number of group chats.

See your message in context

When you search your instant messages with RecollX, you can select a result and view it in the context of the original Skype chat, enabling you to quickly confirm the details you are seeking.   The Conversation view is very useful for exploring the conversation sequence, which often yields additional information relevant to your search.


The Conversation view highlights a search result within the original Skype conversation.


Share your knowledge

When you obtain the results you seek, RecollX makes it easy to share the information.  You can select one or more results and export them to the Windows clipboard or to a file, which can be used for sending via Skype or email for importing into another business application.