Frequently Asked Questions


How will Skype’s Desktop API announcement impact RecollX?

On July 12th, 2013, Skype announced to their third party developers that they are dropping support for and removing the Desktop API, which is a technology within Skype enabling third party add-on products to operate, including Advansys RecollX and other companies’ hardware and software products such as Pamela, SkyLook, Clownfish and many more.

Due to a community petition and substantial user feedback, Skype deferred their decision to fully withdraw the Desktop API, although they have made some significant changes. Fortunately Advansys has managed to adapt to these changes and the result is the release of RecollX Professional 1.2 for Skype.

While Advansys cannot predict what Skype may change in the future, we will continue to update RecollX while it is technically practical to do so.


Which version of RecollX do I have installed?

When RecollX is running, open the About dialog from the Help | About menu. The RecollX version and program date will be displayed along with other information relating to the RecollX product, your archives and the operating environment. You can check for a new version using the Check for updates… button.


How to upgrade from RecollX 1.1 to 1.2

Updating RecollX 1.2 Beta

Existing RecollX users are required to recreate the RecollX archive(s)!


Existing RecollX Users: How to recreate your RecollX archive

As we have not yet implemented an automated way for recreating the archive, existing RecollX users need to either delete or rename your existing RecollX archive folder, which will be a folder named with your Skype ID stored under C:\Users\[Windows User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Advansys\RecollX\ or using the system variable, enter this location: %AppData%\Advansys\RecollX\.  We strongly recommend that you backup your existing RecollX archive and Skype database by using the RecollX backup feature.


Is RecollX designed for business users?

Yes. While Advansys set out to provide a valuable tool for Skype business users, any Skype for Windows user who has a need for fast history search and archiving will find RecollX useful.


Why does Skype ask me to “Allow access” when I run RecollX?

To archive your Skype history, RecollX needs to communicate with Skype.  The “Allow access” prompt is a Skype security feature which alerts the user that an application is attempting to communicate with a Skype account.  Skype will prompt you to allow RecollX for each new Skype account you wish to archive.

If you have an existing archive and only want to use the RecollX search facility, you do not need to authorize RecollX for use with Skype.  In this case, note that your archive will not contain the latest Skype history until you update your archive.


Will RecollX run on Mac or Linux?

No.  RecollX will work only on Windows with the Skype for Windows client.  As a work-around for creating an archive you should be able to copy your Skype history database from a MAC and run it against the Skype for Windows client.  See the Skype support link below.

Can I transfer my chat history from one computer to another?


Can I install RecollX on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install RecollX on more than one computer.  RecollX can only archive the Skype account history on the computer which has both Skype and RecollX installed.


Can I use RecollX without Skype?

Yes. If you have created a RecollX archive previously, you can search your existing archive when Skype is not running. You will not be able to create or update an archive without being logged into your Skype account.