Frequently Asked Questions / How will Skype’s Desktop API announcement impact RecollX?

On July 12th, 2013, Skype announced to their third party developers that they are dropping support for and removing the Desktop API, which is a technology within Skype enabling third party add-on products to operate, including Advansys RecollX and other companies’ hardware and software products such as Pamela, SkyLook, Clownfish and many more.

Due to a community petition and substantial user feedback, Skype deferred their decision to fully withdraw the Desktop API, although they have made some significant changes. Fortunately Advansys has managed to adapt to these changes and the result is the release of RecollX Professional 1.2 for Skype.

While Advansys cannot predict what Skype may change in the future, we will continue to update RecollX while it is technically practical to do so.

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