Installation and Removal

  • The Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Framework is required for RecollX operation. While it is pre-installed on most modern systems, the RecollX installer will advise you if it cannot find the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Framework and provide download links.
  • To install RecollX, execute the installer file and follow the prompts.
  • You can uninstall RecollX via the standard Windows Add or Remove Programs facility.


Updating RecollX 1.2 Beta

Existing RecollX users are required to recreate the RecollX archive(s)!


Existing RecollX Users: How to recreate your RecollX archive

As we have not yet implemented an automated way for recreating the archive, existing RecollX users need to either delete or rename your existing RecollX archive folder, which will be a folder named with your Skype ID stored under C:\Users\[Windows User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Advansys\RecollX\ or using the system variable, enter this location: %AppData%\Advansys\RecollX\.  We strongly recommend that you backup your existing RecollX archive and Skype database by using the RecollX backup feature.


Starting RecollX for the first time

  • With your Skype client running and logged into the account you wish to archive, double-click the RecollX icon on the desktop.
  • After installing a new RecollX version and before you can use it for archiving, you will need to allow RecollX to Allowing RecollX to access Skype enables RecollX to communicate with Skype and archive your valuable history.access Skype.
  • In Skype’s default view mode, Skype will display an “Allow access” button at the top of the main Skype window.
  • In Skype’s compact view mode, Skype will display a separate pop-up window.
  • Click “Allow access” to allow RecollX to work with Skype.

  • Once RecollX is connected to Skype, you can archive the active Skype account.


I selected “Deny access” accidentally.  How do I “Allow access” for RecollX?

If you selected Deny access and you wish to allow RecollX access to Skype, please follow the steps below.

  • Open the Skype Options dialog using the Tools | Options menu entry.
  • In the Skype Options dialog, click on the Advanced entry on the left hand side of the dialog.
  • On the Advanced settings page, click on the link Manage other programs’ access to Skype.
  • From the Manage API Access Control dialog, highlight the RecollX.exe entry and choose Change.
  • Select the option Allow this program to use Skype and press OK.
  • Press OK on the remaining dialog and then Save to dismiss the Options dialog.