After starting for the first time, RecollX remains fully featured for a 30 day trial period (see Figure 1 below).  To continue using RecollX beyond the trial period, you need to purchase and apply a license key or license file.  RecollX may be registered using a license key at any time using the procedures outlined below.


Figure 1  Trial period information display


Licensing using a license key

When you receive a license key via online or a reseller, you can enter it using the license dialog, which is accessed via the Manage license… menu option available from the Help menu.


Manage license option


After selecting the Manage license… menu option, the license dialog will display (see Figure 2).  You can check the licensed state of RecollX by reviewing the License Status field.  In Figure 2 below, you can see RecollX is unlicensed because the License Status field displays “No License Installed”.


Figure 2 License dialog


Copy and paste or type your license key into the License Key field.  It is critical that the license key is entered exactly as supplied or RecollX will not recognize it.  If you use copy/paste, ensure there are no extra spaces or characters copied in error.


Figure 3 License dialog showing example license key


In future there will be different RecollX versions and product variations.  Please also ensure you have the correct license key for the RecollX product you are attempting to license.

After entering the license key, press the Install button.  When pressed, RecollX will take a few moments to authenticate the key via the Internet against our licensing server.  During this process you will see “Authenticating” displayed in the License Status field.  To license RecollX you must be connected to the Internet.


Figure 4 License authentication


If for some reason RecollX cannot connect to the licensing server, try again at another time.  Should the problem persist, please contact Advansys for assistance.  When the authentication process is successful, “License Installed” is displayed in the License Status field.


Figure 5 License installed successfully


Licensing using a license file

If you receive a license file from Advansys or a reseller, install it using the Load License button, which will display a file open dialog to select the license file.  Select the supplied license file and press Open, then RecollX will continue with the licensing process automatically.


Backing up your license

Using the Save License button from the license dialog, you can save your license key as a license file in the location of your choice.  If needed, by using the Load License button, the saved license file can be loaded again to license your RecollX product.


Uninstalling your license

If you need to remove your license from a RecollX product, use the Uninstall License button from the license dialog.  After the license is removed and if RecollX is no longer within the 30 day trial period, all functionality will be disabled.


Reviewing license information

You can check your license information by accessing the About RecollX dialog from the Help | About RecollX menu option.