RecollX public beta released

Advansys is very pleased to announce that the RecollX for Skype public beta, version, is now available.  Through high-speed search and archiving capabilities, RecollX enables Skype users to harness, increase and secure the value of Skype history.

Whether you use Skype for business collaboration or chatting with friends and family, the benefits of RecollX can be enjoyed by all Skype users.

During the beta period, RecollX is free to use.  As with all beta software, there are a few unfinished features and some bugs which will surface.  Your feedback can help us prioritize feature development to better meet your needs and to quickly squash any unwelcome bugs which interfere with your experience.

Pricing and availability will be made available at the end of the public beta period.  We hope you enjoy using RecollX and look forward to your feedback!


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