Skype API Notice

Important Notice from Skype

Starting with the Skype 6.9 for Windows Desktop client, you will see from a Skype client warning message that Skype will soon be preventing applications such as RecollX and many, many more, to work with new versions of Skype released after the end of December 2013.  Skype is currently not making any alternative capability available for the vast majority of third party applications to continue to work.  Skype URIs, the apparent substitute technology being promoted by Skype, are extraordinarily limited compared with the capabilities which Skype is removing and are not a viable alternative for the majority of third party developers.

If you see the warning message in your Skype client, it means your third party application will cease to work soon.  For more information, see Skype’s FAQ: and our FAQ.

We are deeply disappointed in Skype’s approach and what it may mean for many of you in the Skype user community who rely on Skype add-on applications. If you want to have your say and help make a difference, see below how to inform Skype by having your voice heard.


Skype API Notice action

You had your say!

Skype/Microsoft: Provide continued support for third party Skype utilities that have become mission critical to Skype’s users

Background article is here:

Thank you to all those in the Skype community who contributed to the petition and the Skype community forums. Unfortunately, Skype’s recent partial reversal will not help products which rely on their Desktop Chat API, such as RecollX, ClownFish and many others. Using an existing version Skype client is likely to work for an indeterminate period of time. We will keep monitoring the situation and report back if any better news eventuates.

The Advansys RecollX Team