Advansys offers support via the RecollX Support Forums, which can be accessed below. If direct support correspondence is required, you can submit a problem report using our support form on this page.

RecollX Support Forums

Visit the appropriate forum for posting your question by clicking one of the links below.

Need to send us a screenshot?

Jing is a great free screen capture tool from Techsmith, which you can use for illustrating an issue you are reporting to us.

  • Taking Screenshots: Capture an image of what you see on your computer screen.
  • Record Screencasts: Record up to 5 minutes of onscreen video.

Jing enables you to upload your screenshot or short video to a free cloud based ScreenCast account (or Flickr, Twitter and Facebook), enabling you to simply copy and paste an image link into a RecollX support forum post or the support form. Learn more about Jing and access the free download here:

Please review our RecollX Support Forums before choosing to submit a support issue to Advansys.

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