Advansys RecollX Professional now available!

Advansys is very pleased to announce the availability of RecollX Professional 1.0 for Skype, a powerful tool which maximizes value from your Skype collaboration.  Archiving and preserving your Skype history, RecollX combines the security of backup with lightning-fast search capabilities, enabling the instant recall and export of essential ideas and knowledge from your written collaboration.


RecollX main window


We would like to again thank our beta testers for their contribution in making RecollX Professional 1.0 a better product.  Feedback we’ve received confirms that RecollX saves time by enabling the user to quickly pinpoint and reuse information buried in their Skype history.  No longer do you have to wonder in which Skype chat you wrote something… RecollX makes it a breeze to find it!

Apart from securing your Skype history through archiving and enabling you to leverage the information with high speed search, RecollX contains features which can extend the power of Skype collaboration, such as Skype status control and hash tag support.

Skype client integration offers prominent and quick access to Skype online and message status, which can be changed to a custom status with only two mouse clicks.

Hash tag support can be exploited by adopting an easy approach to your instant message collaboration.  While communicating with Skype IM or SMS, simply add a # character to key words, such as #Idea, immediately identifying and classifying critical ideas, information or knowledge.  Using RecollX, whether it is after a Skype meeting or at any time in the future, searching for hash tags enables you to quickly find and extract the information most important to you.

Since the public beta release, we have added the main features listed below.

  • New Home view.
    Delivers centralized archive management and usage guidelines.
  • Backup copy.
    Copy your RecollX archive to another location or storage media for backup purposes.
  • Improved advanced search.
    Enhanced support for complex boolean, grouped and field search queries.
  • Improved export format.
    More concise layout for copy to clipboard and file export (CSV).
  • Visual feedback improvements.
    Archive progress is now reflected with animated Windows tray and task bar icons (Windows 7).
  • Tray icon enhancement.
    Added quick access to Skype custom status settings.
  • Results and Conversation view column configuration.
    Tune column layout to suit your usage and screen resolution.
  • Wildcard support when searching for hash tags.
    Search for partial hash tags containing the asterix * (match any multiple character sequence) or question mark ? (match any single character) wildcards, such as #Sky* or #Skyp?.

RecollX Professional 1.0 is available now for download as free, fully featured 30-day trial software and special pricing is available until January 31, 2013.  If you prefer to learn more before you try, please review the documentation available from the Quick Start page.  We hope you enjoy using RecollX with Skype!

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