Editing a Skype for Windows instant message

During my quest for the highest speed written communication via Skype instant messaging (IM), in my haste I often miss words or make typos. This can result in misinterpretations by other participants. To address my shortcoming, I make regular use of the Skype for Windows desktop client’s instant message edit feature and, if necessary, inform the participants of the change.

In general, you need to edit your message within one hour of posting it, after which time you cannot edit it. The only exception to this is for the creator of a group conversation, who can edit any message for up to (approximately) 22 days. This can be very useful for corrections or additions within an ongoing discussion when new information or mistakes are discovered outside the normal one hour edit window.

Advansys RecollX will identify and archive the edits you make to messages in Skype, for personal and group chats.


To edit a message, right mouse button click on the message and select Edit from the context menu. To edit the last message you sent, simply press the Up Arrow key. Remember to leave at least one character of the existing message during an edit, otherwise Skype will post it as a new message.

You can see if a message has been edited by the little pencil icon to the right of the message text. Hold your cursor over it to see the date and time the message was last edited. In a group conversation, you will see the Skype Name of the last person to edit the message, which will be you or the group conversation creator.

Of course, when a sledge-hammer is required, you can use the delete message feature. However, due to the instant nature of IM, you should assume that it’s already been read.

In addition to the techniques in this post, you can edit an undelivered message as many times as you like while a contact is offline.

How do you know if the contact is offline? The contact’s Skype online status will show the Offline icon and you will see a spinning circle icon to the right of your IM time stamp. If you hold your mouse over this icon, it will display “Not delivered yet.”.

Here is my original post in the Skype for Business Group on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Tip-Did-you-know-you-37123.S.175801833

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