RecollX Professional 1.1 Release

Advansys has released 1.1 today and it is a free update for existing RecollX Professional customers. Please find below the main changes in this release, which is a recommended update.


New search term matching options, Exact, Contains, Begins with and Ends with, make finding the information you are looking for even faster and easier. You can change the new search options at any time from the main search toolbar and dropdown button.

Backup & Restore

Don’t risk losing your valuable Skype history! New data recovery options have been added to help protect both your RecollX archive and the Skype history database on which RecollX and Skype rely. By backing up your RecollX archive and Skype history database, if you experience a machine crash, you can restore your Skype account and RecollX archive back to the time of your most recent backup. Backup and Restore can be accessed from the File menu and the Home page guidelines.

Backup archive: Backup your RecollX archive and optionally, for more complete data recovery, the matching Skype history database (you must first logout of the Skype account). IMPORTANT: To use the archive backup on another machine, you must also restore the matching Skype database to the other machine. Please see the user guide for more information.

Restore archive: Restore a RecollX archive from backup. IMPORTANT: To use the archive backup from another machine, you must also restore the matching Skype database from the other machine. To avoid accidental restoration, restoring the Skype database is a manual procedure. Please see the user guide for more information.


The Browse view now displays hashtags found in instant messages (IMs) within the categories of Personal, Others and All. Personal means hashtags you have added to your IMs, Others means hashtags added by other Skype users and All is the combined list of hashtags. To search, simply double-click a hashtag or select multiple hashtags and press the search button. In conjunction with a hashtag selection, you can also include chat selections and search text. Alternatively, to search for one or more hashtags, you can simply type them into the main search box without having to make any hashtag selection in the Browse view.

Browse View

A new search toolbar is available for fast navigation of the Browse view contents. This is particularly useful for Skype users with large accounts containing many entries for chats, contacts or other categories. You can search for any item within the Browse view. To display the search toolbar, click the magnifying glass icon on the main Browse view toolbar.

In case of corruption due to machine failure or a crash, you can now recreate the Browse view contents from the File | ‘Recreate Browse view’ menu. This feature avoids the need to recreate the archive to restore the Browse view contents.

Please note that when upgrading from or earlier, when RecollX first starts, your Browse view contents will be upgraded automatically to the format necessary for the new version’s features.

Results View

When a sequence of results are from the same Skype user, you can now show or hide repeating names in the From column. When there are many sequential results from the same Skype user, showing the name in every item can make the results easier to read. Change the setting in the Options dialog | View tab.


When On a Skype Call: You can now choose to change the Skype status, message or both for when you are on a call. You can also change these options during a call.

Application Behavior

Close button: The main RecollX window’s close button hides RecollX and leaves the RecollX application icon visible on the Windows taskbar.

Windows Taskbar: You can display and exit RecollX by accessing the right mouse button context menu from the RecollX Windows taskbar icon. Left mouse button clicking on the RecollX application icon will display RecollX.

RecollX application icon: If RecollX is already running, attempting to start RecollX again from the RecollX application icon will display the existing instance of RecollX.


To help Advansys support to troubleshoot any problems, additional Debug Options have been introduced (Options dialog | Advanced tab).

Verify index: If checked then you can verify index from archiving control drop-down button. Verify will produce details in archive log for you to review.

For troubleshooting search logic, new options enable additional search text and Lucene query details to be included in the search log.