RecollX Professional 1.2 Beta update

Behind the scenes we’ve been working to fix the issues with the Browse view and later versions of Skype.  This latest update addresses those issues, although it does require an archive re-create (see information below).  You will need to uninstall the existing beta release before installing this update.

Unfortunately the latest versions of Skype since 6.22 have broken the Skype for Desktop API for Calls.  This can cause RecollX to hang when archiving call history.  It is anticipated there may be release containing a fix from Skype available in early 2015, hopefully in January.  In the mean time, if you experience a hang or wish to avoid one, disable the Call history archiving in RecollX Options.

RecollX is now FREE and all you need to do is contact us and request a license.

All feedback on this 1.2 beta release, which can be downloaded now from our download page, is welcome and can be submitted on our Feedback Form.

Existing RecollX users are required to recreate the RecollX archive(s)!


Existing RecollX Users: How to recreate your RecollX archive

As we have not yet implemented an automated way for recreating the archive, existing RecollX users need to either delete or rename your existing RecollX archive folder, which will be a folder named with your Skype ID stored under C:\Users\[Windows User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Advansys\RecollX\ or using the system variable, enter this location: %AppData%\Advansys\RecollX\.  We strongly recommend that you backup your existing RecollX archive and Skype database by using the RecollX backup feature.